Issue №1

Danylenko Victor, Danylenko Svyatoslav

The main features of tax obligation of the nepmen in the Ukrainian SSR 1921-1923

Sharpatyi Viktor

Political and ideological priorities of retirement benefit in the Soviet Ukraine in the second half of the 1930s

Kuromiya Hiroaki

Democracies and the Holodomor

Nérard François-Xavier

Work to Eat: Food Supply of Industrial Workers in the USSR during the First Five-Year Plan (1928-1933)

Węgrzyn Dariusz

«Living reparations». Mobilisation, Arrests and Internment of Residents of the Southern and Central Europe and Their Deportation to the USSR during 1944-1945: Specifics, Economic Meaning, Contradictions

Khyzhnyak Igor

New systemic, civilization and cultural values changes vs Post-Truth and Post-Order axiology within global and regional milieus

Levchenko Yuri

To foreign Ukraine historiography: Igor Kamenetsky "Hitler's occupation of Ukraine 1941-1944: a study of totalitarian imperialism"(1956)

Sribnyak Ihor, Holosko Svitlana

The newspaper “Vil’ne Slovo” (“Free Word”) as the source for studying Ukrainian prisoners’ of War lifestyle at Salzwedel Camp (Germany):1916-1917

Potyl’chak OleksandrMarchenko Dariya

Nadiya Mykhailivna Kravchenko (1935-2001): an archaeologist, a local historian and a teacher (to the 85th anniversary of the scientist)

Grechenko Volodymyr

UNIQUE MOMENTS OF HISTORY: Regarding the book by Yu.I. Shapovala "The moment of history. 366 miniatures about people and events. "Kyiv: Parliamentary Publishing House, 2019. 400 p.)


The first in pedagogical universities of the Ukrainian SSR: to the 30th anniversary of the Department of History of Ukraine National Pedagogical Dragomanov University