Padalka Serhij

Bribery in the environment of the imperial officials right-bank Ukraine (second half of XIX – early XX century): prerequisites and social factors

Boiko-Gagarin Andrii

Counterfeiting in penitential institutions of the Russian Empire in Ukraine (XIX – early XX century)

Potyl’chak Oleksandr, Andreyev Andrij, Kravchenko Dmytro

Activities of repatriation bodies of the Ukrainian SSR among displaced persons in Western Europe (1947-1953)

Grechenko Volodymyr

1953 in the history of the militsia of the Ukrainian SSR

Węgrzyn Dariusz

«Living reparations». Mobilisation, Arrests and Internment of Residents of the Southern and Central Europe and Their Deportation to the USSR during 1944-1945: Specifics, Economic Meaning, Contradictions (part two)

Khyzhnyak Igor

Formation of the political system of the Australian Union: cultural and civilizational Origins (1900-1930)

Motyka Grzegorz

Three investigations into the killing by the UPA of General Karol Świerczewski «Walter»

Sribnyak Ihor, Holosko Svitlana

The newspaper «Vil’ne Slovo» («Free Word») as the source for studying Ukrainian prisoners’ of War lifestyle at Salzwedel Camp (Germany):1916-1917 (part two)

Chernega Petro, Lushchay Volodymyr

All-Ukrainian round table «World War II and the German-Soviet War 1939-1945: preconditions, causes and consequences for the Ukrainian people (to the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Hitler coalition over Nazism)»

Salata Oksana

IV International Scientific Conference “History and Creation of patriotic myths: challenges for Ukraine and Poland”

Stadnyk Iryna, Yashan Oksana

Third All-Ukrainian Scientific-Practical Conference "Cultural and historical heritage of Ukraine: prospects for research and traditions of preservation”

Meleshchenko Tetyana, Stoyan Tetyana, Valery Tsybukh

All-Ukrainian Scientific-Practical Сonference “Modern international trends Relations”


Khyzhnyak Igor