The mission of the publication

Providing a platform for publication and opportunities to promote the results of the latest university and academic research in the fields of history and related disciplines, their integration into the world space of knowledge for scientific progress.

Problems being investigated

The Clio World is a scientific historical journal that publishes the results of the latest scientific developments in the field of historical and related sciences, in particular in the fields of methodology and methods of historical research, Ukrainian and world history, archaeology, historiography, source studies, museum studies, monument studies, historical science of special disciplines, methods of teaching history, etc. In view of this, authors are invited to publish, who in their scientific works actualize, analyze and substantiate methodological, theoretical and applied problems, integrate the latest historical knowledge into interdisciplinary scientific discourse, offer fresh methodological solutions and interdisciplinary methods. The journal is a peer-reviewed publication that supports a policy of open access to scientific publications.

The purpose of the journal

The purpose of the scientific journal Clio World is to cover the results of various studies in the fields of history, its special branches, related humanities and social sciences with an emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach in the methodology and techniques of scientific knowledge.

The tasks of the journal

  1. Creating favourable conditions for the authors to cover the results of research based on scientific equality and tolerance.
  2. Presentation of relevant, credible, reliable, original materials that mix elements of scientific novelty.
  3. Ensuring unimpeded access to the use of new scientific knowledge.

The principles of publication

  • Open access to scientific publications
  • Frequency of publication
  • Compliance with copyright and confidentiality
  • Objectivity and impartiality in the selection of articles for publication
  • Demanding to quality of materials offered for printing
  • Adherence to the policy of academic integrity and zero tolerance for academic plagiarism