Name of legal entity: LLC Scientific and Information Agency «Science-Technology-Information»


USREOU CODE (Unified State register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine) 43177953

checking account UA243348510000000002600298772

bank:  First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB)

BIC (bank identification code) 334851

Purpose of payment: «For publication in the Clio World», journal issue …., author’s surname and initials.

Payment for the publication of articles:

one page (1800 characters with spaces): for one page of the article (upon receipt by the author of the printed version of the collection) - UAH 40;

- if necessary, the editorial office provides additional services for translating annotations (at the rate of 1800 characters with spaces UAH 190) and editing the «List of used sources» in accordance with the publication requirements (up to 10 sources UAH 100, then +10 UAH for each source)